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  • December 2015 - Panagiotis Tsotsis left the group to join Greek Army!

  • July 2014 - Gao moving to Australia for a postdoc position!!

  • July 2014 - Review article by Pavlos Savvidis on electrically pumped polariton lasers appeared in Nature Photonics

  • April 2014 - Tingge Gao successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis. Congratulations, Dr. Gao!

  • March 2014 - Paper accepted in Nature Materials on Polariton mediated energy transfer between organic dyes in a strong-coupled optical microcavity

  • October 2011 - Pavlos receives Leverhulme fellowship for 1 year visit to University of Cambridge

  • November 2013 - Pavlos promoted to Associate Professor

  • March 2013 - Alexandros Tzimis started his PhD and joined our group

  • February 2013 - Paper on All-dielectric GaN microcavity: Strong coupling and lasing at room temperature accepted in Appl. Phys. Lett.

  • January 2013 - Paper on electrically controlled strong coupling accepted in Phys. Rev. B

  • December 2012 - Paper on The Dunamics of Polariton Condensate Transistor Switch accepted in Appl. Phys. Lett.

  • October 2012 - Alumni PhD student Manolis Trichas left for Postdoc position in Grenoble, CEA

  • September 2012 - New PhD student Pramod Sharma joined the group

  • December 2012 - Paper on polariton condensate vortex lattices published in Nature Communications

  • August 2012 - The group received 316k€ "ARISTEIA" grant from Greek Research Council

  • April 2012 - Paper on oriented polaritons accepted in Science

  • July 2012 - The group received ERC funding in collaboration with Lecce

  • May 2012 - Paper on Polariton Condensate Transistor Switch accepted in Phys. Rev. B

  • February 2012 - Paper of polariton quantum pendulum accepted in Nature Physics

  • September 2011 - Paper on organic microcavities accepted in Appl. Phys. Lett.